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Here you will find most info about simple cuckoo clock repairs, warranty information, worldwide service stations and more.

When experiencing a problem, you should first contact the shop that sold you the clock.

If this is not possible, you may want to try contacting the manufacturer in Germany. Usually, you will have one or two years of warranty on the clock, so in most cases the shop or the manufacturer will pay for repair or replacement (but not for shipping).

With today’s cuckoo clocks, you can find out the name of the manufacturer by opening the clock in the back and having a look inside. The manufacturer’s name is usually engraved on the movement.

Unboxing a Cuckoo Clock

Once you have received a cuckoo clock, please read the setup instructions before unpacking it.

The most important point is this: after the little bag under the clock containing the chains has been opened, the clock most not be turned upside-down since this could cause the chains to slip from their wheels.

Shipping a Cuckoo Clock

If you are sending your cuckoo clock to a service station, there are a few things you should note:

Pull the chains up so that the hooks are under the case cuckoo clock. Insert a piece of string, wire or a twist wrap through all the chains as close as possible to the bottom of the case. Bundle up the chains in a piece of aluminum foil and tie up tightly with a rubber band, tape or string. This prevents the chains from coming off the wheels, and creating a snarled mess of chains inside the clock.

Put a strip of paper in the spiral gong on the inside of the back access panel. Pack the clock in an oversized box with crushed newspaper (do not use styrofoam peanuts). Wrap and label the pendulum and place them inside the box. Do not send the weights with your package. If there are any numbers on the weights (275, 320, etc.), write them down on a piece of paper along with your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and a short description of any problems.

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