Delicious flavor 

Black Forest cake is a delightful combination of rich chocolate cake, fresh whipped cream, and cherries. The flavors come together harmoniously, creating a taste that is both indulgent and balanced.

Chocolate lovers' paradise 

If you're a fan of chocolate, Black Forest cake is a must-try. The cake layers are typically made with chocolate and cocoa powder, resulting in a moist and decadent treat. The addition of chocolate shavings or curls on top adds an extra touch of chocolatey goodness. 

Cherry goodness

Black Forest cake is known for its signature cherries. The cherries are often soaked in Kirsch (a cherry liqueur) or syrup, which adds a sweet and tangy flavor. They also provide a refreshing contrast to the richness of the chocolate and cream.

Aesthetically pleasing 

Black Forest cake is visually appealing. The cake is usually layered with whipped cream, and the sides are often adorned with chocolate shavings or curls. The bright red cherries on top add a pop of color, making it an attractive dessert for special occasions or celebrations. 


While Black Forest cake is traditionally made in a layered cake form, it can also be adapted into cupcakes, cake pops, or other creative variations. This versatility allows you to enjoy the flavors of Black Forest cake in different ways, depending on your preference or occasion.

Popular and classic dessert

Black Forest cake is a beloved dessert with a long-standing reputation. It has been enjoyed for generations and continues to be a popular choice in bakeries and restaurants worldwide. Trying this classic dessert allows you to experience a beloved treat with a rich culinary history.


Basic Dark Sponge Cake

In case you can´t purchase premade dark sponge cake, here is the recipe to make it yourself. 


2,5 oz cocoa powder  

10,5 oz refined flour (maida) 

 13 oz castor sugar (caster sugar)   

0,2 oz baking soda  

 0,25 oz baking powder  

 0,35 qt milk 

 5,3 oz butter  

 5 eggs  

 Baking Steps: 

1. Preheat oven at 356°F. Grease an aluminum cake tin and dust with a little flour.  

 2. Sift refined flour, cocoa powder, baking soda and baking powder in a bowl. Mix well.  

 3. Combine butter and sugar in another bowl.  

 4. Break eggs in another bowl and set aside.  

 5. Cream butter and sugar until smooth. Add eggs, one-by-one and cream until well blended.  

 6. Fold in the flour mixture, little by little and beat well. Add milk and beat well until well mixed.  

 7. Pour the batter in prepared tin, filling 3/4th, tap the tin to level the mixture, place in preheated oven, bake for 40-45 minutes.  

 8. Remove from heat and cool before cutting.

Original Black Forest Cake Recipe


1 dark sponge cake 

2 cups (20 oz.) of sour cherries 

3 tablespoons of cherry jam 

8 cups (67 fl. oz.) of whipped cream 

5 teaspoons of Black Forest “Kirschwasser Schnaps” (40% vol.) 

¼ cup (1.8 oz.) chocolate shavings (dark or milk chocolate)

Baking Steps:

1. Cut the cake across into three even layers. 

2. Spread jam on the bottom cake layer, cover it with cherries (except center part of about 1,5 inch). 

3. Cover with whipped cream (about ¾ inch thick). 

4. Put next layer of cake on top. Sprinkle the “Kirsch wasser Schnaps” evenly on this layer, cover with ¾ inch of whipped cream and place last layer on top. 

5. Cover the whole cake with remaining whipped cream and decorate with chocolate shavings. 

6. Mark the top of the cake with cake slicer (16 pieces). 

7. Put whipped cream in a pastry tube with star decorator tip and squeeze little curls on each piece. 

8. Decorate with one cherry on top of curls.